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We ride to stop police suicide - "The Project Blue Light of Philadelphia PA,'' Memorial Ride for Honor 


Project Blue Light was established by Vince Gibson,  the brother of  Detective Joseph Gibson  Badge # 8105, of the Philadelphia Police Department. The ride was  started in Philadelphia on July 13, 2014, starting in front of the Philadelphia Police Academy and going  approximately 20 miles away.  It is escorted by the Philadelphia Police Department.  The ride is done on bicycles  similar to the police Unity Tour Ride  and,  now, motorcycles have been brought into the ride.   It's  Vince's plan to make this ride a national event every year.  The mission of the ride is to bring more awareness  and to break the silence and stigma to police suicide in our nation.   We ride in these officer's  honor and memory  because,  as law enforcement officers,  they have put their own lives on the line - in the line of duty.  For their service, their names belong on the law enforcement memorial  in  Washington D.C.  It's not how they died,  it's how they lived.   

 The Project Blue Light Memorial Ride. We Ride to Stop Police Suicide. is a Free Event there are no registration fee's. and no fee's  to participate in the ride . The ride was started to bring awareness to Police Suicide in our Nation. and to ride in their Memory and in Honor of their service to Law Enforcement. Vince him self does ride  every august in the ride, On a Restored 1981 Schwinn Le Tour Road bike. that was restored by Vince   and was bought by our Mom in The Spring of 1981  The bike was bought at Gerace's bike shop they were a Schwinn dealer. and were located near 11th & Wharton Street in South Philadelphia  were we grew up.  we all rode the bike as teens   Today Vince rides the bike every August in the ride 


Our second ride will take place on Aug 8, 2015  and will start in front of the Philadelphia police academy,  which is located at 8501 State Road in Philadelphia,  and will go to the living flame memorial--which is located at 7th & Race Street.  We will be riding in honor and memory of Lt. Sean Lynn, badge #109, Philadelphia Police Department.  The ride will start at 10:00 am.  Please note Motor Cycles are welcome to join the ride. 

When  Vince learned about a Philadelphia officer who has past away suddenly,  he put together a special edition of the Project Blue Light of Philadelphia PA,''   T - Shirt.  73 shirts have been ordered in the fund raiser, raising $1,200.  All proceeds from the fund raiser  are being donated to the officer's  wife. all proceeds from the shirt in Memory of Lt. Sean Lynn  were paid Directly to Mrs. Michelle Lynn  and was paid Directly from The shirt company . 

To  learn more about "Project Blue Light of Philadelphia PA,''  please visit us on Face Book.     

 On august 8, 2015  the second annual. Project Blue Light Memorial Ride in Philadelphia had a good amount of support.  We Ride to stop Police Suicide . We Ride in These Officers memory, and in Honor of Their Service to Law Enforcement. 

  A special thank you  to Lt, Sean Lynn's family, thank you for allowing Project Blue Light - Phila PA,'' 
To Honor Lt, Sean Lynn  Badge# 109 Philadelphia Police Dept , the ride started at the Philadelphia Police Academy on State Road . and ended at  The Living Flame Memorial  at 7th & Race Street a 20 mile ride. in Memory of Lt, Sean Lynn and the Officers in our Nation who have fallen to suicide . Hero's Remembered and Never Forgotten. 

 A special Thank you, to the Rider's and Police Dept's for their participation in. The Project Blue Light Memorial Ride.  on August 8, 2015 

        The Philadelphia Police Dept, and  Commissioner Charles Ramsey. 

A Special thank you to The Philadelphia Fire Dept .

The  Philadelphia Fire Dept ,- Provided a Fire truck  with its ladder extended over State Road .with an american flag hanging from the top of it's ladder for all the riders to ride under. 

Warriors Watch Riders - Motor Cycle Escort.
Temple University Police Dept   - The Bike Patrol Unit. 

White Marsh Town Ship Police Dept -  Bike Patrol Unit 
   Lt, Wheatly  and Officer Laura Hart. 

Plymouth Meeting Town Ship Police Dept. 
 University of Penn Police Dept. 

Officer John Pfaehler  Rockville MD Police Dept. 

Melvin Roberts - RWB Cycling.

Tracy Mueller - RWB Cycling .

Will Terry - RWB Cycling. who helped with the ride.

 A very special thank you to.

Commander Charles A. Smith - Tenn Valley Authority Police Dept - Retired

Commander Smith today plays the Scottish Bag Pipes at Police and Fire Dept Funerals in Tenn, 
On august 8th, Charles came all the way from the State of Tenn were he lives, to Philadelphia to play the bag pipes at the ceremony.  at The Philadelphia Police Academy. please visit Commander Smith's page on Facebook  - The Smoky Mountain Piper. 

 A very special thank you to -  The American Foundation for  Suicide Prevention . 
   Who supported the Project Blue Light Memorial Ride.  
   Catherine M. Sicilano -  Associate Director Philadelphia
    Shelly Leaphart - Williams  and Dan   Please  visit
The 3rd annual Project Blue Light Memorial Ride will take place in  August 6, 2016      

       Letter from  Thomas Giannettino   for the Project Blue Light Memorial Ride on August 8, 2015 . 

        Good morning  every one. I want to start off by apologizing for not being able to attend this morning. 

     My name is Thomas Giannettino and i was one of the three riders last year when Vince had the  incredible idea of starting a memorial ride honoring his brother Detective Joseph Gibson  and all the other officers who have died by suicide across our country.  briefly. i would like every one to know that I was recently [ disability retired]  from the New York State Police after being assaulted and suffering from a permanent disability to my right shoulder , which is from the - line of duty -  ultimately ending my career.  I'm not ashamed to say I hit rock bottom in my life several years ago.  Post traumatic stress, depression, anxiety, I've experienced all of it. I deal with it every day and i cope with it.  I want all of you to know that coping with it becomes easier when people like you sitting here today come out to show your respect and honor.  Every  one sitting here today has the potential to make a difference in some ones life. 

      Lastly, I want to say that I am extremely proud of Vince.  he has spent countless hours organizing and assembling this memorial ride.  I remember last year  when i said to Vince  " don't worry it will get bigger next year.  '' Now look around. look at all the support and the hard work  that Vince put into raising awareness and honoring those who have died. by suicide

 So please remember one last thing today we honor how they lived. and not how they died.  thank you and God bless all of you. 


                      Thomas Giannettino 

                    Ret. New York State Police . 

                 Ret.  US Air Force and wounded warrior.       

     Written by  The Heart Whisperer   Edwin C. Hofert

                               In Loving Memory of  
                        Detective Joseph Gibson

                       Badge# 8105 Phila PD.
                         June 16, 1970  - December 26, 2010 
                               Shade of Blue

              Joseph in my memory I see us just as boys. Secrets shared between us. like others shared their  toys.                Things don't stay so simple as our lives start rearranging. The only thing that stays the same is life                       that's always changing.  Some times  searching  my  heart just trying to understand.  How it is some                  dreams we dream don't work out as we planed. still i know it is through you even though for now your 
               gone. part of all you gave to me. was strenght to carry on.  So carry on I will it seems In loving memory of you.  shining where the world can see a light the shade of blue.  A light that speaks of honor that never can be broken. In remembrance of your life each time your name is spoken. 

                                                Edwin Hofert     

                   After 15 years of pride and service to The Philadelphia Police Dept.  Joseph ended his life on                    December 26, 2010  his brother Vincent and family and friends remain loyal and loving in support an
                    honor of the life he lived. 

                     This poem is one of a series of written by Edwin C Hofert.  for Code 9  Officer Needs Assistance.
                     and is intended to honor. the fallen officers and their family's that are to be featured in Code 9 
                     Officer Needs Assistance  

                      Police Officer's are people  who have answered the call of  Law Enforcement  they serve and protect the city's, town's, and community's we live in  and these Officer's  are great role models for our young children. but sadly some of these officers have fallen to suicide.  and they must never be forgotten because It's Not How they Died.  It's How They Lived. 
                                                     Never Forgotten         

                                                           Police Suicide 
                                                  Dear Officer Please Don't  

          Please Don't leave behind your family. your wife and children need you. because they love you with all                 their heart. Please Don't because you are loved by so many. 

          Please Don't leave behind  your brother's and sister's and your parents.  Please Don't because we will               miss you so very much.  please Don't because the hurt will never go away. 

           Dear Officer please don't  i am   asking you to stay with your loved one's. Dear Officer please don't                    because I also lost my brother who was a Police Officer  who i lost to suicide . 

            Dear Officer please don't leave your loved one's behind because the hurt is to much to deal with every                  day.   

                                                              Dear Officer  Please Don't 

                                                                          Written By 
                                                               Detective Joseph Gibson's brother 
                                                                   December 26, 2015  
                                                             Sadly on December 26, 2010                                                                                                                     My Brother Detective Joseph Gibson 
                                                                        Took his own life  
                                                                      Never Forgotten                

           Written & Submitted By. Celeste Santolen Krouse  on May 3, 2016  

                         I Orginally was aware of this event. when one of my best friends a Philadelphia Police Officer 
                         lost 2 of his friends and Brothers to suicide!  one of his Brothers was Detective Joseph Gibson
                         Philadelphia Police whose EOW was December 26, 2010 ! This event was started 2 years ago 
                         Det. Gibson's brother Vincent Gibson whose vision is to give police Officer's who have fallen  to                       
                         suicide . The Honor they so rightfully deserve.  and he wanted to make sure their Service to the                         Force was not in vain and that they will not Be Forgotten! People do not realize just how                                     common police suicide is!  What they go through every day... what they put on the line... Many
                         suffer from - PTSD - Post Traumatic Stress Disorder . and it causes them to take a desperate
                         step to gain Peace!  the point he is trying to get across to Police Dept's and to The Goverment.
                         who dont feel an Officer who has fallen to suicide that they still deserve to be honored for their                         service...  it's not how they died.  but how they lived! And it's Vince's hope as well as mine that
                         as the events success continues to grow that any donations made or shirt's sold those funds                          will go to help officer's family's and also  One of the Ultimate goals is to help stop police                                     suicides... so they receive the help they Need!  this event is Very Important to me because                               i also lost  one of my  Best friends Lower Merion Police Officer Sean Quinn  3 years ago on
                        febuary 11, 2013  Sean served 25 years on the Force . Many Commendations he was a Dare                        Officer  CPR/ First Aid Instructor and the GREATEST person you ever wanna know! Beloved                         Husband. Father. Grandfather.  Sean was my Heart and the day he died... part of me died with 
                        him. So getting involved with project Blue Light is my way of Honoring Sean's memory.  and to
                       Make sure his service to the Force. will always be honored and never forgotten! Until we all                                   meet  again....   Thank you and Rest IN Peace 

                                                               Thank you 
                                                   Project Blue Light of Philadelphia PA,''  

  Please note  the letter above from Celeste is in her opinion and  was not made by Vince  and she was not a part or did participate in the ride  
                                                           Thank you 

                On august 6, 2016  The third annual Project Blue Light memorial Ride. we ride to stop police suicide.
          Had a lot of support  from police officers  from different depts in the state of PA,  and support from The
          state of new jersey.   The law Enforcement Dept's that participated were from Police Dept's to State and Federal Probation and parole and correction dept's. and The Philadelphia Sheriff's Dept   and many civilian rider's  from bicycle clubs in Philadelphia and Central Bucks County Pa,  the Philadelphia Police Dept Escorted the ride with the help of Warriors Watch Riders, and Hog's and Hero's   The  Philadelphia Police Dept has show support for the ride for two years now  For the ride the Philadelphia Fire Dept and the Marcus Hook Trainer Fire dept both fire dept's provided a ladder truck. and extended their ladders over the top of state road to make an arch way with their ladder's with The American   Flag hanging from the ladders.  for all the riders to ride under.  after the ride returned to the police academy . the wife's of two officers who took their own life were presented a plaque in honor of their husband's service to law enforcement.  a plaque was also presented to Chief Inspector Joseph Sullivan  Phila Police Dept  for all his help and support .  

                  A special thank you too

           The Philadelphia Police Dept . for all your support and participation             The Philadelphia Police Explorer Cadets. for all their help.
            The Philadelphia Fire Dept. and The Marcus Hook Trainer Fire Dept.              To The Many Philadelphia Police Officer's and Police Officer's from all the dept's that rode along with